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The 10 most ridiculous baby products I could find

1. The Zaky Infant Pillow


This seems like a terrible product doesn’t it? Like ‘I’m just nipping down to the casino’ terrible. Too busy to be with your baby? Let this squishy pillow raise your child. Although, I must admit that once I had been patting Annie for a verrrry long time and she would stir as soon as I lifted my hand, so I swapped it for a teddy and she was goneburger. I’m not proud of that.

2. The Baby Moon Walker

Baby Moon WalkerSeriously, this is a product that replaces… holding your baby’s hands! Sure, it gives them better balance but just relax eager beavers, they’ll walk when they’re ready.

3. The Babykeeper Basic

The Baby KeeperBa-ha, that baby is just hanging there! How crazy. Who has enough room in their bag to carry this ridiculous contraption? Although in saying that, I did have a ‘what do I do?’ moment the first time I carried little baby Henry into a public loo and realised I didn’t know where to put him! Major tip with this one: don’t forget where you hung the baby.

4. Potty Mitts

Potty Mitts

Replacing… washing your hands! The Ministry of Health will be stoked.

5. Blowout Blocker

Blowout BlockerI can just see little Billy’s 21st speech when his parents get up and tell the crowd how he did such explosive baby poos they had to buy a special nappy extender ha ha. Not judging on this one though as I’ve been lucky to have only dealt with one or two poo-namis in my time, thanks kids.

6. Baby Lasso

Baby LassoI must admit that changing Henry’s nappy is often such a mission, a product like this kinda makes sense. However, all I can see is him getting all worked up, twisting himself around and strangling me.

7. Pee Pee Teepees (go over a little boy’s privates like a hat)Pee Pee TeepeesPeople are quite positive about these online. Some have even called them a ‘must have’ for parents of baby boys. Really? How often did your little boy wee on you? I think Henry might have once, and there was this hilarious time when he sprayed the wall but you know what, we had a laugh and wiped it away. Crisis averted!

8. Time Out Pad
Time Out Pad

Replaces… the floor and the good old microwave timer. I also think my kid would find this fun. Flashy lights are totally his thing.

9. The Daddle
The Daddle

I was going to let this one slide, but then I noticed that the dad is wearing knee pads! Better put a helmet on your kid too, playing is so dangerous these days.

10. The iPotty
The iPotty

Toilet training is a breeze. You don’t even have to be there! Bonus. You can sit on your iPad and let the baby’s iPad do all the work. I need to buy two iPads.


8 Responses to “The 10 most ridiculous baby products I could find”

  1. Michelle

    Some of these would have come in handy for my boy –
    ‘pee pee’ for all the fire truck accidents (especially in the middle of the night when changing a nappy with your eyes closed)
    The amount of times I could have done with a ‘blowout blocker’!!!
    And loving the ‘babykeeper’ – but a bit risky that I’d leave baby behind as I’ve done with my handbag!

    • kellyburnie

      I wondered if the ‘blowout blocker’ would actually be a popular one. Yeah you don’t wanna risk leaving the baby behind when you’ve got baby brain in the mix.

  2. Jamie-Lee Taylor

    They are so practical but not, would love to meet the people that actually go through with purchasing these little marvels!

  3. Amanda Peart

    The infant pillow is creepy but tempting. A teddy bear in place of your hand for Annie is a great idea, no judging here. I once offered a friend $50 to get Lucy to sleep for me. She thought I was joking.

  4. alex renall

    I think the babykeeper classic could come in handy around the house! Who comes up with some of these ideas?! Gave me a good chuckle.


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