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A topic with bite

Spot the teething 'toy' Plunket won't be putting their name behind.

Spot the teething ‘toy’ Plunket won’t be putting their name behind.

Teething can be a bastard can’t it? Annie hasn’t cut a tooth yet but I’m always prepared, Bonjela or teething powder at my fingertips, Pamol there if things get really bad. I’m ready for anything because I’ve heard so many stories of how horrendous cutting teeth can be, especially the sleepless nights.

Henry was a good teether. He didn’t get overly bothered by teeth cutting through, just a little ratty. We kept the Weleda Teething Powder going, got him to pop the odd New Era teething tablet and we used Bonjela if we thought those products hadn’t worked. He had his first tooth at six months and the full set before he was two.

Now Annie is over nine months and still a toothless little wonder. We’re eagerly awaiting the first tooth, with a little trepidation. I feel like I’m ‘due’ a bad teether after having such a good one. So just in case she turns from a cutie pie to a crying mess, I would love your advice. Today’s question is: Which product helped you the most when your darling was teething? Tell us all your horror stories (hopefully with happy endings!) and let us know how you coped with your dribbly, grizzly babies.


6 Responses to “A topic with bite”

  1. Adele Bryson

    Weleda teething powder all the way – Still waiting for Master 2’s molars to appear! Oh and sucking on cold face cloths (put them in the fridge/freezer in snap lock bags.) He would never use a “teether”

  2. Meredith Street

    Nothing magic at our house unfortunately, bar plenty of cuddles and a bit of Pamol when the going go really tough. That said, I loved our amber beads and swear they made a big difference for Miss 5 and Mr 3 when they were slobbery messes of teething agony, but unfortunately Mr 3 subsequently pulled ours to bits (as he tends to do with 90% of the things we own) and I haven’t yet gotten around to buying another – poor Mr 9 months has had to battle on through without them (and hasn’t suffered too badly with the 6 shiny teeth he’s currently got).

  3. Helen Hughes

    We used a combination of Ashton & Parsons infant powder (which may well be a UK brand) and Sophie the giraffe. Sophie was certainly well chewed by both boys but I wonder if they were both just pretty good teethers. Hope my little lady is as good as her brothers were!

  4. kellyburnie

    Oh yes, Sophie. I lost Henry’s Sophie so we might have to make another purchase if Annie’s teeth bother her. Such a cute one too.

  5. kelly

    I wish I used the teething powder right from the beginning with Elsie as it really did make a massive difference. We also used Bonjela at nights or if she needed something a little extra than the powder. Might have to give the tablets a go with baby no.2, never seen them before!

    • kellyburnie

      The powder is so great isn’t it? The tabs are very similar but I just find it nice to have another ‘tool’ to use. Plus they are a lot easier to administer than powder, although they were really hard to hunt down. A friend found them at a pharmacy in Glen Innes, so I’m not sure if they are in other pharmacies.


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