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Warm fuzzies

Today’s topic is warm and fuzzy, since the first few topics have been about some frustrating parts of being a parent. So here’s a question: What is the best part of your day with your children? When do you have your ‘awwww’ moments? Here are mine for B1 and B2.

Henry – I love checking on him before I go to bed and marvelling his gorgeous face and getting in one of those big mummy kisses that I can’t do during the day because he’s always running away from me. And I love his bedtime when I listen in on him and his dad and hear: ‘Okay but this really IS the LAST BOOK’. I love their special little bond so much.

Annie – I love it when I feed her late in the evening and she’s so sleepy. When I carry her back to her cot she always tucks her sweet little face into my arm and looks so completely happy. She’s my light sleeping baby, so I can’t creep into her room at night to marvel her loveliness.  This little walk is my one moment to cherish her while she’s peaceful and I always walk nice and slow.


2 Responses to “Warm fuzzies”

  1. Adele Bryson

    I love in the mornings when Finn wakes up. I carry him to our bed to have a bottle snuggled up with his Dad while I shower. Quite often he will fall asleep and then they both do everything in sync from rolling over, yawning, facials – so precious watching the two “boys” in my life who are so so alike in many ways. Also love bedtimes – have to admit to loving the fact that Finn wants me to read stories at night more often than Dad these days lol. He will tell Dad to “Roll over” (in other words get out of my bed Dad – and then Master 2 yr old demands mum gets in and we read, read and read… then talk about the day then practice butterfly kisses with eyelashes, or his current fav thing is to hongi…love love his giggles and cuddles.

  2. Meredith Street

    The best parts of our totally chaotic days are the moments I get to spend with any of the kids one on one. With Dita that’s usually just before her bedtime, when we do her school reading book and I get to swell with pride a little that she’s thriving (due to our parenting or in spite of it, who knows, haha) and that she has such a lot of confidence in all her own newfound abilities. It’s when I get to give her a proper cuddle and she happily lets me because she’s relaxed and has nowhere else to be, my busy wee girl. With Arlo its when we get home from dropping D at school and Ezra has his first nap, we lazily pick up the abandoned breakfast dishes and he chats away about all the exciting imaginary adventures he is going to go on that day, tells me little jokes or makes silly faces. The middle child, so often caught up in the routine and hustle of our mad family life, he adores having me all to himself and requests stories on the couch and lots of “cuggles” – he finally stops the almost constant movement and noise that is his public persona and out comes my quiet, sensitive boy. With Ezra I’m so grateful that he shows no sign of being ready to stop breast-feeding, so we get lots of special moments – once the big kids have gone to bed there is about half an hour of quiet with just us and him when I feed him off to sleep, and he just seems to bask in the opportunity to quietly go about his bedtime! But often he’s fed in the midst of the chaos, and despite the whirling dervishes which are our older children, it sometimes still feels like its just the two of us – often he’ll look up at me, hoping to catch my eye, and once he’s got eye contact will give me the cheekiest little grin, while still trying to feed. Magic.


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