How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

So fresh and so clean, clean

Sign from

Sign from

When I was a knocked up working woman, I would sit at my desk and dream about all the time I’d have as a stay at home mum. Finally I could indulge my domestic dreams. I would have SO MUCH TIME and I’d plant herbs, have a vege patch, bake bread and crochet beautiful blankets. My house would look like I was about to be visited by Your Home and Garden everyday.

I’d forgotten there would be a baby. I had blissfully blanked out changing nappies, feeding the baby and washing the baby. I didn’t know parents could spend hours sitting by the cot shushing, patting and begging the baby to sleep. I hadn’t realised how much time I would spend having coffee with my mummy friends, talking about spew, poo and just making sure we were all coping.

Eventually I introduced a cleaning schedule. Housework was in my job description and I wanted to nail it without succumbing to how damn boring it was. I wanted it all done by Friday afternoon so we could have plenty of quality family time each weekend. A schedule worked well for me because I could tick off the few chores during Henry’s morning sleep and keep afternoons free for fun.

Then I had my second bubbalicious and watched all of my spare time get sucked into a vortex. There was no longer time to GO to the bathroom, let alone clean it. Months passed in a haze of just having two kids and with that big evil bastard, sleep deprivation, I remained fairly unaware of the chaos we called our home.

Now Annie is nine months old and crawling all over the house, dropping sticky globs of Cruskets and rusks everywhere. Henry is being a typical toddler and spreading filthy little fingerprints on every available surface. There’s more cleaning to be done than ever before, which is unfortunate because my enthusiasm for chores has not increased AT ALL. So in lieu of an original idea, I’m going back to my cleaning schedule because when it comes housework, my motto is ‘Urgh, just do it’.

Here’s a nice schedule I found at which allows me to go to the ‘next level’ of organisation, mapping out daily, weekly and monthly tasks. That should stop the house from looking like it’s been torn apart by drug-sniffing dogs.

Custom Cleaning Checklist labeled


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