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Wake when the baby wakes

Annie embraced the 'sleeping like a baby' thing at 3 weeks old.

Annie embraced the ‘sleeping like a baby’ thing at 3 weeks old.

Today’s topic is almost too tiresome to approach but because I’m so tired, I need help. In fact, I’d award a medal to the person who solved this one. The old ‘sleeping through the night’ debacle. I know this is opening up a can of tired, sluggish, baby-brained worms, so I’ll keep it simple.

What is the most helpful advice you were given about getting your baby to sleep through the night?

We’ve never mastered sleep training. Henry would wake several times a night to have his dummy replaced. Then, at eight months, he got a cold and couldn’t suck. We removed the dummy, got through a long (horrible) week and hey presto, the kid was goneburger from 7pm to 7am, a pattern which has hardly ever changed.

So H-Bomb was an easy fix in the end but it looks as though Annie is going to take more work. She’s nine months, has no ‘vices’ like a dummy unless you count my boobs, and still wakes 3-4 times in the 8 hours that I wanna sleep. Sometimes her dad can ‘pat’ her back to sleep but mostly she wants to be fed and because I’m not in the ‘cry it out’ camp, I feed her before passing out for two hours (if we’re lucky).

I’d love to hear if you had any magic game-changers like our dummy discovery, or if it really was as complicated as rocket science. Thanks, from one desperate housewife!


4 Responses to “Wake when the baby wakes”

  1. Adele Bryson

    2 years later and every time we think we have nailed it – we will have a shocker of a week…I don’t think we are ever meant to have a full night sleep ever again 😉

  2. Meredith Street

    I was that smug first time parent who assumed everyone else complaining about their kids sleep was doing something wrong. Dita always slept well, and on a rare occasion when she did wake, she was easily resettled back to sleep. Pfft, we totally had the baby sleep thing SORTED! This attitude led to some major parenting-karma imbalance and resulted in Arlo, the child who at 3, still rarely sleeps through the night. It quickly became clear that we had simply been LUCKY with the miracle sleeper that was our first child, and we should have been making daily sacrifices to the baby sleep Gods. Honestly, I think each kid is so different – what works for us one week with Arlo will inevitably not work the next. I believe he’s just a light sleeper who, while super confident and independent during the day, requires reassurance at night and loves sleepy cuddles, so more often than not Martin or I will just climb into bed with him. Third time around we had zero expectations for how much sleep we would or would not get and the result is that Ezra falls somewhere between the two big kids sleeping patterns – Ezra co-sleeps after his first wake up for a feed, he may or may not wake again once or twice for further feeds, but the cozy snuggles in bed mean I can doze while he feeds, so we’re all getting some rest. I guess at some point in the next ten years we might not feel like we need three cups of coffee to even consider making adult conversation, but I’m not holding my breath – then I’ll have teenagers who will be keeping me awake at night for all sorts of other reasons 😉

  3. kellyburnie

    Common theme here ladies seems to be parents get to the point where they give up on sleep. We are so there! Ha. But we’ve had a couple of good weeks now. I’ll share what we did in an upcoming post, but it basically involved Tim getting up to her instead of me and only feeding her if she was upset (a lot of the time she would wake pretty happy and I was feeding her anyway just to get back to sleep).

  4. kelly

    When we were reducing Elsie’s night feeds Paul would get up and rock her back to sleep which fortunately didn’t take too long. She has always been a pretty good sleeper but in saying that I have been up 3 nights this week with her and she is now 2! Most of the time I just need to reset her monitor music during the night and she will go back to sleep but some nights it can be a bit of a nightmare which results in me sleeping in her bed while she talks and taps at my face!


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