How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

One song workouts

On my weight loss journey, there’s one thing I don’t allow myself to think: It’s too hard. Having kids gives me a long list of excuses always at the ready. Some are even legit. So I’ve gone in the opposite direction, getting somewhat obsessed with ways to look after my little loves while getting my sweat on (ew gross, apologies for that).

When Annie May was smaller, I found myself a bit housebound, so I turned to that evil lady from The Biggest Loser Jillian Michaels and her workout DVDs. Some days I could only fit in/be arsed doing 10 minutes but this was still an awesome plan because:

a) I was in such bad shape that 10 minutes seemed like both an eternity and an achievement. Obviously I chose to see this is a positive rather than get down about it

b) Henry LOVED ‘dancing’ along with me. I still get a warm, fuzzy surge of joy remembering him seriously studying Jilly’s squatting technique and oh-so-carefully copying her

So it turns out you can exercise with your kids and you don’t have to feel selfish. In fact you’re adding another fun thing into their day – winning! I love going for big walks with my double buggy and exploring Auckland’s many epic parks. However, sometimes you need other options, which is where Pinterest comes in. Normally I use this social network to drool over cookie recipes and sewing project I’m never going to attempt, but it’s becoming one of my favourite tools for exercise ideas.

This week I discovered ‘one-song workouts‘ where some helpful Harrys have made up workouts set to pop songs, like these from

one-song2 one-song

I am SO doing this. It’ll be like hanging in the Viaduct at the turn of the century, only with much less booze and two more children. Plus, my wee ones love music so I really dig the idea of turning our lounge into a party zone. Why not get together with friends and give it a go? I’m sure time will fly by when you’re busy bopping to Macklemore with some mummas. Such fun!


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