How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

Boot camp for one

Have you ever been a boot camp junkie? I have always wanted to join one but unfortunately I can’t commit any more cashola to my fitness regime. I have a gym membership, loads of DVDs, Your Shape on Kinect, two working legs and a supportive husband. In other words, I have everything I need to get fit and NO EXCUSES to stay overweight.

I’ve gotten much fitter since having Annie and my energy levels are great for someone who gets little sleep but my weight has hit a plateau. I need a new plan so I asked myself why paying for boot camp appealed so much. I liked the idea of being forced to do three really hard workouts a week with a fun group of gals. But when I thought about it, I could do that with gym classes and the only thing stopping me was… me.

Well this time I’m not going to be lazy and give in to excuses so I took the following (free) steps:

  • A bit of refocussing. Why did I want to get fit? How great would I feel at my goal weight? How much did I want to kick some butt at upcoming events like Round the Bays and the Tough Gal Challenge?
  • I printed out six weeks of an online exercise plan and wrote what I would do each day, making sure there were three hard gym classes a week and lots of walks and runs thrown in wherever they would fit
  • I printed out six weeks of a food diary and committed to filling it out honestly. My gym instructor wanted to see it, so that was a scary prospect. Would she judge me for having five biscuits with my cup of tea? Hell yes!
  • I booked in a gym assessment for six weeks away so I’d be forced to get on those scales and face the music

So that’s the plan. And just like magic (if you can call dieting, sweat and tears magical) I will hopefully have lost 3kg at the end of it and be one step closer to my first goal weight.

If you want weight loss tools which don’t cost a dime, check out the following links for exercise printables which can help you achieve your goals. And if you’re looking for food diaries you can use the incredible app/website MyFitnessPal or one of these pretty printables. My personal favourite food diary is this really simple one. The boxes are small so you can’t eat much, he he. Please share any great online tools that you’ve come across too.


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