How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

The irate alligator nappy change

Let’s Talk Tuesday – yay! The first topic comes up in my coffee group all the time and most toddlers go through this stage but mine is bringing it out for a second run and I need help. We’ve gotten (back) to the point where changing Henry’s nappy closely mimics trying to put a pair of speedos on an irate alligator. Even Steve Irwin didn’t have to wrestle his ‘gators this much.

HB started ‘not cooperating’ with nappy changes after his first birthday and it took MONTHS to convince him it could be an easy, peaceful, QUICK experience. When I was eight months pregnant and shattered, I introduced jelly beans as a bribe. I know, it’s so bad, shame on me. Well it worked and within a few weeks I took the lolly jar away and enjoyed six sweet months with a reprogrammed, reasonable little dude.

Now the irate alligator has reared its ugly head again. Most of the time I can talk him into a peaceful change but it takes quite the build up, lots of explaining, a few rounds of Old MacDonald Had a Farm and then heaps of praise afterwards. This is all fine, except sometimes I don’t have the time/inclination/energy and I just need to get the job done, particularly if Annie also needs my attention.

So I’d love to hear all your tips. What is the one thing which nailed it for you? What didn’t work? Or do I just need to suck it up, have another coffee and go in there like I’m a freaking Wiggle every time?


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